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With so many different brands of mineral makeup on the market, choosing the makeup right for you can be difficult. Mineral Secrets makes this choice easy! Our products are much safer and better for your skin than conventional, talc-based cosmetics. Once you try Mineral Secrets, you will experience the difference that quality ingredients can make.

Mineral Secrets' mineral makeup is a light, non-shiny cosmetic. Originally designed for people with highly sensitive skin types, Mineral Secrets makeup does not irritate skin conditions like rosacea, acne or post laser skin. Mineral Secrets' botanical and aromatherapy enriched mineral bases not only conceal redness, uneven skin tone and blemishes all day long, but will actually improve your skin's overall look and feel with the first application!

Our aromatic botanicals and how they benefit the well-being of your skin...

Lavender - Normalizes any skin type and stimulates cellular regeneration

Sandalwood - Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-aging

Geranium - Calming, refreshing, mildly tonic and astringent

Ylang Ylang - Softens, smoothes, balances skin and reduces oiliness

Patchouli - Decongestive, astringent, reduces redness

Cedarwood - Sedative, astringent properties; reduces skin eruptions and itchiness

Palmarosa - Immediately calms and refreshes skin; strong anti-aging properties

Green Tea Extract- Rich in anti-oxidants, reduces under eye puffiness, antibacterial

Our loose mineral cosmetics are completely free of perfumes, parabens, fillers, dyes, and never tested on animals. Enjoy this luxurious treat for your skin! Then, add sun protection, flawless radiance and undetectable, natural looking coverage. Mineral Secrets' mineral products will help you achieve what you want with makeup! A four in one cosmetic (sun screen, concealer, base and powder), our mineral bases save you time, money and are actually good for your skin...naturally. Looking good has never been so easy!

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